Adding New Cabinets to a Refacing Project

We get this question a lot. Is it possible to add new cabinets while doing a refacing project?  We add cabinets on many of our projects. Sometimes customers want us to install all new upper cabinets to their project because they have enough room to install taller boxes. Many times the base cabinets are in great shape […]

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Going Green In The Kitchen?

It’s not just a trend; it’s the right thing to do – consider how your remodeling project impacts the environment. If you can save natural resources, eliminate pumping more toxins in the air, or reduce landfill, you are not only contributing on a global scope, your are making your own home more healthy and pollutant […]

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While Cabinet Refacing, Modernize Your Kitchen

If you’ve dreamed of a smooth, uncluttered look for your kitchen design, it’s time to put that dream into action. There are many ways to incorporate some total kitchen style during a cabinet refacing project.

Check Overall Kitchen Design
To create a contemporary kitchen, all or most of the major elements of your kitchen design should adhere […]

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Cabinet Making In An Arid Climate

According to Wikipedia, cabinet making is “the practice of using various woodworking skills to create cabinets, shelving and furniture. Cabinet making involves techniques such as creating appropriate joints, dados, bevels, chamfers and shelving systems, the use of finishing tools, such as routers, to create decorative edgings, and so on.”

But, there’s more to it. The […]

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Cabinet Refacing In 8 Easy Steps

If cabinet refacing is on your mind for your kitchen cupboards, a good contractor will describe the process for you in detail. But it never hurts to have a little information ahead of time. Here’s how it works.

1. The Cabinets Are Emptied
This seems like the easy part, but it can be a real mess if […]

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Choices In Cabinet Refacing Materials

Over time, with wear and tear, even the finest cabinets will lose their glow. If you are thinking of giving your cabinets an overhaul, but having second thoughts about the high cost of replacing them, cabinet refacing is an excellent option. You will get the new look – the exact look you want – without […]

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Cabinet Refacing For The 21st Century

Have you ever made this comment, “Times have changed”? Often we make that statement when we’re confronted with teenagers with tongue rings and tattoos, and whose primary method of communication is text messaging. But if no occasion arises for us to observe how “times have changed”, we sometimes get stuck thinking things are the same.

Usually […]

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Scary Stuff: How To Choose A Cabinet Refacing Contractor

Are Your Cabinets, Cupboards and Closets Embarrassing?

Did you know the single most important area in your house is the kitchen? It ‘s the spot where families cook together, friends gather, and cooks delight in conjuring up all sorts or scrumptious dishes. So shouldn’t it look absolutely state-of-the-art? Sure, you say, but the cabinets alone will […]

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Saving The Kitchen You Love

If you love the arrangement of your kitchen, but think it’s looking a little tired, consider cabinet refacing. You don’t have to change a thing; your counters remain intact, the layout you love will still be there, and you won’t get lost looking for the coffee pot when you stumble down in the morning.

Refacing your […]

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Cabinet Refacing Just Might Make The Sale!

Staging a house for sale might just be the most important investment you make. Nowadays, the term “staging” is commonplace, but have you ever heard anyone suggest cabinet refacing as part of that strategy?

If you’ve done any research at all, you know the basics:

Remove any hint of you ever living there. Remove photos, memoirs, heirlooms, […]

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