Ok, so we are still getting used to this HOT weather! We had another opportunity to head out of the valley heat and into the mountains. This time we headed southeast to Kartchner Caverns and the accompanying campground.

Again, if you get the opportunity to see the caverns, please do! A little pricey, but well worth it. To see a “live,” active cave that is filled with creations of water is mind blowing. So many colors and beautiful sculptures. And the history is incredible. The campground even has a hiking trail head inside! It takes you up on a ridge so you can see the entire valley. These past couple of weekends have been wonderful promises that AZ has so much to offer outside of the desert, and is a GORGEOUS state!

Since we are a family-owned small business we like to share the love for other family-owned small businesses. We have used 3 in the last 2 weeks and have been extremely satisfied with all three. They can be found on their own websites, on facebook, and on Instagram. They even chat/ message on FB to make appointments or text. Responsible Pest Control is one, Cranmore Flooring (Cleaning and Sales), and Hernandez Hauling and Yard Work is the last. We highly suggest that you try each one of them out!

This week we are continuing to get the word out that we are in town and ready for business. We are working with a client on designing their work space in the garage. This includes, cabinets, drawers, a work bench and peg board for tools. We have also had a couple questions in regards to thermofoil doors. Yes, in fact, we DO offer thermofoil doors! There are samples of these types on our website, but know that we can get them in any color and any profile. You can also search the Home Improvements of Colorado website to see more examples of thermofoil doors.

Thank you for reading and be a blessing this week!

Michelle and Nathan Klein

nathan@homeimproveofaz.com, michelle@homeimproveofaz.com