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Cabinet Refacing in the Denver area


Cabinet refacing, sometimes called cabinet resurfacing, is a straightforward process. Instead of removing your existing cabinet boxes, we remove only the old doors and drawer fronts. We then cover/reface your existing cabinet boxes with ¼ solid wood, veneer, or thermofoil.

Once the cabinet boxes are refaced, we install the new doors and drawer fronts to complete your new look.

We offer other options, such as new drawer boxes and roll-out shelves.

Some of the Major Benefits of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets are:

We do most of our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Projects in the more modern full overlay hinge style. With this style, the doors and drawer fronts are closer together and cover up more of the frame. Because this is the most popular way to reface a kitchen, we do not charge any extra money to do it.

We do all of our projects with popular Soft Close Hinges. With this hinge, the doors close very gently with no noise whatsoever. 

Cabinet refacing is recognized as a green option for kitchen remodeling. It is estimated that 90% of homeowners keep the same basic layout of their kitchens. This makes refacing a more eco-friendly option since less waste is being sent to landfills. In most cases, we can also modify your existing cabinets to allow for changes, such as upgrading to eco-friendly appliances.

A popular option with cabinet refacing is to replace a few or all of your upper cabinets. We can install new cabinets to create extra storage if you have a soffit or additional headroom above your existing cabinets. We can also remove the existing upper cabinets and replace them with new taller ones. With this option, we reface the base cabinets, which allows you to keep your existing countertop should you choose to. This option also allows you to save on any major plumbing, electrical, flooring, and backsplash issues that dramatically increase costs when replacing base cabinets. If you want to install some new appliances, we can install a few upper cabinets to make everything look right and fit correctly. At the end of the project, the brand-new upper cabinets will match your newly refaced base cabinets. Some people also enjoy the look of different paints or stains on different kitchen sections, including islands. We can accommodate any color combination you may want.

The options for cabinet refacing are nearly endless! The selection of door styles, wood species, stain colors, glazing, crown molding, and hardware are just as varied as the options for new cabinets, which allows you to obtain the kitchen of your dreams for a lower price than full cabinet tear-out and replacement.

You can get estimates in three different ways. You can use our online estimator or send us pictures of your kitchen, and we will calculate an estimate. The best and most accurate way to get a price is to schedule a free, no-pressure home consultation.

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