The cabinet refacing process is really a very simple one. Instead of removing your existing cabinets, we simply remove your old doors and drawer fronts. We then cover/reface your existing cabinet boxes with either ¼ solid wood, veneer or thermofoil.

We then install the new doors and drawer fronts that match the newly refaced cabinet boxes. We can also install other options, such as new drawer boxes and roll-out shelves.

Some of the Major Benefits to Refacing Kitchen Cabinets are:

  • Cost is usually 50% to 60% less than complete kitchen tear out.
  • A superior quality of the doors and drawer fronts when compared to builder grade cabinets.
  • The installation for refacing cabinets usually takes 3-5 days. New kitchen remodels usually take weeks or months to complete.
  • Less mess and aggravation. In most cases, you can still use your kitchen during the refacing process.
  • Less plumbing and electrical work are needed.
  • Have the option of keeping your existing countertop.
  • Can add some new cabinetry if needed

Cabinet refacing is considered a green option to complete kitchen remodeling. It is estimated that 90% of homeowners keep the same basic layout of their kitchens. This makes refacing a more eco-friendly option because there is less waste being sent to landfills. In most cases, we can modify your existing cabinets to allow for some changes, such as different appliances.

Options for refacing are very similar to that of new cabinets. The selection of door styles, wood species, stain colors, glazing, crown molding, and hardware are nearly endless. You can have the kitchen of your dreams.

ReFronting is a mini reface and a lower cost option that can be completed usually in one day. When re-fronting, only the doors and drawer fronts are replaced. The existing cabinet boxes are not changed. This option works well with white, antique white or almond cabinets. It may also be used to update stained wood cabinets, as long as a perfect match is not required. In most cases, the difference between the existing cabinet box and the new doors is hardly noticeable.