We get this question a lot. Is it possible to add new cabinets while doing a refacing project?  We add cabinets on many of our projects. Sometimes customers want us to install all new upper cabinets to their project because they have enough room to install taller boxes. Many times the base cabinets are in great shape or have a nice solid surface countertop that the customer does not want to replace. We also install a new cabinet when the customer is buying a larger refrigerator and needs additional height for the appliance to fit correctly. There are times when the customer may want an island installed. In most cases, we are able to add some new cabinets to a refacing project to add storage space or whatever application may be needed to make the kitchen more functional. The nice thing is our cabinet box supplier does not charge us hardly anything more for a non-standard size so we are able to get custom size boxes for little or no extra charge.